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Getting Started

Omnistrate is a complete PaaS/SaaS platform that allows you to build your PaaS/SaaS in minutes, generates your control plane for you and your customers to access your PaaS/SaaS and finally provides you with the management portal to operate your PaaS/SaaS.

If you are a new user trying to build PaaS/SaaS in any domain, start with the Build portal to build your PaaS/SaaS. The build portal will convert your docker image into PaaS/SaaS which can be accessed from the Access portal on release. Once you are ready, you can also list your service on Omnistrate Marketplace for other Omnistrate users to consume or configure it to list it on your custom domain that you can directly advertise to your customers.

If you are here to access one of your own existing services, please use the Access portal of the corresponding service to access your PaaS/SaaS. Access portal is mainly used to review and test the experience that you have built using the Build portal before making it public through Marketplace or custom domain.

If you are here to operate one of the existing services that you have already built, please access the Operate portal to manage your PaaS/SaaS. Operate portal is mainly used for day-2 operations by your devops/secops/finops teams from learning about the fleet health, exploring your inventory, patching the fleet, to getting visibility and insights into fleet. You can also evolve your service from tuning the customer experience, upgrading infrastructure, test your changes in a sandbox environment, and so on

If you are here to use one of the existing services that are available in our marketplace, please go to the Marketplace portal.