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Creating service from templates

If you already have a docker-compose specification, you can directly import your specification into the platform and we will parse the specification to build an equivalent experience for your PaaS/SaaS. Note that docker compose specification is just a way to quickly get started and is not a requirement to use the platform.

You will still have the opportunity to review your PaaS/SaaS on the Access portal before making it public either on your custom domain or on Omnistrate marketplace.

If you run into any issues while importing your docker compose or need help with your docker compose, please reach out to us at support AT

For your convenience, we have also added some custom tags that you can optionally take advantage of to build the right PaaS/SaaS experience for your software from the get go.

  • x-omnistrate-mode-internal: allows you to tag any service component in the docker compose as internal. Possible values are true or false.
  • x-omnistrate-input-params: allows you to define input params in addition to environment variables
  • x-omnistrate-actionhooks: allows you to configure action hooks for a given service component
  • x-num-replicas: allows you to add an input parameter to your service component to allow your customers to configure the number of replicas for the corresponding service component. You can change the name of the input parameter to a more descriptive name later if you prefer.

You can also configure any of the above parameters through the Omnistrate API/CLI/UI after the docker compose import is complete and so custom tags are optional functionality in-case you prefer to fully configure your PaaS/SaaS experience through the docker compose specification.