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A Service represents a SaaS service that you are trying to build. You can create an empty new service or bring your compose specification or choose from one of the existing compose templates to get started. A service object by itself is a container object to store the service metadata.

Service Plan

A service consists of several service plans that allows you to offer your service in different hosting and deployment models. For more information on tenancy models, please see this

Service Component

Service component (also referred to as resource) is a unit of functionality that can be run independently like a microservice. Your SaaS may have 1 or more service components. For more information, please see this. It is a representation of your SaaS, reflecting its health status, compute/node configuration and other metadata.

Resource Instance

A resource instance is a running instance of a service component. Users can create and run multiple instances running in different environments (like dev, stage, prod) - regions (like us-east-1, us-west-1) and cloud providers. A resource instance is not to be confused with a container or a Kubernetes pod.

API Parameters

API parameters is a way for you to define the external parameters for your customers to configure a service component. For more information, please see this


Images are primarily docker images that can be configured and attached to the service components


Infrastructure is your compute/network/storage configuration for different service components.

Action Hooks

Action hooks allows you to customize your control plane by injecting custom code at different phase of the lifecycle of your SaaS operations. For more information, please see this


Dependencies allows you to specify DAG and how different service components are dependent on each other. For more information, please see this


Integrations are 1st/3rd party SaaS applications that you want to integrate with for your SaaS. For more information, please see this


Environment allows you setup continuous delivery right in the omnistrate platform to test things in a sandbox environment, or promote changes from developer to stage to production environment.