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Building and providing access to your customers is the first step to launch your service and start monetizing your invention but it doesn’t end there. As part of managed services, you are expected to provide fully managed experience and you may have to worry about the following:

  • Availability - Omnistrate helps you recover from the infrastructure so that you can focus on making your software resilient. More specifically, Omnistrate helps recover from machine failures, network partitions, AZ failures, temporary process failures, process deadlatches, gray storage nodes out of the box
  • Operations - You may want to know fleet health, visibility into how your customer infrastructure is doing, inventory of your fleet, fleet insights. Omnistrate provides necessary views for you to operate and take necessary actions to enhance your service.
  • Evolution - Omnistrate allows you to quickly evolve your service from trying new customer experience, upgrading infrastructure, expanding your service offering with newer delivery and deployment models, test your changes in a sandbox environment and so on.
  • Patching - As a service provider, you may have updates to your software that you want to rollout. Omnistrate allows you to define and manage software upgrades across the fleet.

We also integrate with the SaaS applications of your choice for you to continue to use your favorite tooling. Please reach out to us at support AT, if you don’t see an integration with your SaaS tooling and would like to see it.