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Infrastructure is your compute/networking/storage configuration for different service components.

Note that you can also dynamically configure your infrastructure using input parameters, ex - you want to dynamically configure the number of replicas for your service component, you can change the compute property “number of instances” to be customer_provided and configure it to an appropriate input parameter. That’s it, whenever your customers will specify an X value, we will make sure to launch X instances of this service component. If the input parameter is set to modifiable, your customers can also scale up or down as per their capacity needs.

  • Compute: you can configure the type of instance, number of instance, enable auto-scaling capability based on the load (or custom metric) for your customers and much more
  • Network: you can configure placement across availability zones, enable TLS offload etc.
  • Storage: you can configure the type of storage class, type of storage, throughput, bandwidth, IOPS and much more