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Service Plan

A service consists of several service plans that allows you to offer your service in different delivery and deployment modes. As an example, we support 3 different delivery modes:

  • Deploy in your account (Hosted) - many PaaS/SaaS services like RDS, Confluent, MongoDB are offered in this mode. This mode is ideal if you want to host a dataplane in your account and provide a completely managed solution for your customers.
  • Deploy in your customers account (BYOA) - sometimes, your customers may require that data stays in their account and the expectation is that you will host data plane things in their account and still provide a completely managed solution. The BYOA delivery mode exactly addresses the above use-case by seamlessly establishing the trust relationship between your account and your customers account
  • Deploy in one of the Omnistrate’s accounts - if you are a young startup or not that familiar with the cloud or don’t want to deal with the hassle of even creating the cloud account, you can also use Omnistrate hosted mode to deploy your data plane with us. Please note that you will incur additional infrastructure charges if you are hosting your customers' infrastructure in our account.