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Custom Tagging

Custom (Cost) tagging is one of the features offered by Omnistrate that allows users to organize and manage their cloud resources efficiently. Tags are key-value pairs attached to cloud resources, providing users with a flexible and customizable way to categorize, track, and control their infrastructure components.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Tagging: Omnistrate supports the creation and assignment of custom tags to a wide range of cloud resources, including virtual machines, storage buckets, databases, and networking components.

  • Customizable Tag Structures: Users can define their own tag structures based on their organization's specific needs and workflows. Tags can be organized hierarchically to reflect different attributes such as environment (e.g., production, staging, development), application, department, cost center, or project.

  • Resource Grouping and Visibility: Tags enable users to group related resources together based on common attributes. This grouping facilitates easier resource management, cost allocation, and access control. Users can quickly identify and visualize resources belonging to specific categories or projects using tag-based filtering and searching capabilities.

  • Cost Allocation and Budgeting: Infrastructure tagging plays a crucial role in cost allocation and budget tracking by providing granular insights into resource usage and spending. Users can analyze cost breakdowns by tag values and allocate expenses accurately across different teams, projects, or departments.

  • Policy Enforcement and Governance: Tags serve as valuable metadata for implementing policy enforcement and governance measures within the cloud environment. Users can define and enforce tagging policies to ensure compliance with organizational standards, security requirements, and regulatory guidelines.

How to use tagging

Users can create custom tags directly within the Omnistrate dashboard as one of the capabilities or through API. Tags can be defined with specific key-value pairs to represent different attributes or classifications.

Once created, tags can be assigned to individual resources during the provisioning process or retrospectively to existing resources. Users have the flexibility to assign multiple tags to a single resource and modify tag assignments as needed.


Infrastructure tagging is a fundamental aspect of cloud resource management and optimization. With Omnistrate's comprehensive tagging capabilities, users can effectively organize, monitor, and govern their cloud infrastructure while gaining valuable visibility and control over their environment. By harnessing the power of tags, organizations can streamline operations, improve cost efficiency, and enhance overall governance practices within their cloud ecosystem.