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Endpoint aliases

Omnistrate additionally enables users to assign specific aliases to any deployment or resource instance endpoints. By configuring DNS records, users can map their deployment endpoints to these aliases.


Please note that endpoint aliases feature is only available in the enterprise plan for now.

The feature offers the capability to configure the deployments with specific domain, providing enhanced branding, customization, and control over their infrastructure. The endpoint aliases feature supports SSL/TLS encryption for secure communication between clients and the configured endpoint.

To get started:

  • Users can enable the endpoint aliases feature from compose file:
    targetPort: 80

targetPort is the port number where your http service will listen to.

  • Users can register or transfer a custom domain name through a domain registrar of their choice.
  • Once the domain is acquired, users can update their custom resource instance endpoint with the newly acquired custom domain name.
  • Next, users need to configure DNS settings and create CNAME or A record to map their custom domain to the target endpoint provided by Omnistrate.
  • Omnistrate facilitates secure communication over HTTPS, with certificates issued by trusted public certificate authorities (CAs), such as Google CA.

After configuring DNS settings, SSL certificates, and endpoint configurations, users can validate domain ownership and initiate DNS propagation to ensure that domain mappings are applied correctly. Domain propagation may take some time to propagate globally and become accessible to users worldwide.


Users can configure a single alias for each resource instance. Adding a new alias will replace the existing alias configuration. Omnistrate only supports TLS/SSL encrypted communication. GCP only supports A record configuration for alias mapping. AWS only supports CNAME configuration for alias mapping.