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Automated operations

Building a SaaS is only the first hurdle. Operating it at scale is even a bigger challenge as it requires large amount of engineering and support resources.

With Omnistrate, you get:

  • Operational visibility
  • Inventory management
  • Alert center
  • User management
  • Fleet operations
  • Automated L1 support for your SaaS
  • Patching

Operational visibility

To operate your SaaS, you need an Operational visibility into whats happening in your fleet from in-depth metrics, logging to alerting capabilities using your favorite tools.

SaaS Observability

More specifically:

  • Comprehensive overview of your fleet with a dashboard that displays real-time alerts, health status, patching progress, and distribution across different versions for proactive management
  • For metrics and logging, please see this
  • You can access Kubernetes Dashboard to check real-time operational status and health of Kubernetes clusters
  • For fleet-wide activity, you can see all the current operations happening in the fleet with details

Inventory management

You can search users, service plans, workflows, service components, resource instances, subscriptions, invoices etc and view the detailed information in the inventory management.

Alert center

Alert center allows you to configure notification types and channels to your needs

User management

Manage users and their subscription and deployments

  • View users, subscriptions and their deployments
  • Manually onboard or suspend users
  • Configure subscription management, details here

Fleet operations

Fleet operations refers to day to day mundane jobs to operate the fleet. Some examples of them include:

  • Certificate rotation and management: rotation of security certificates, including SSL/TLS certificates, to maintain the security of communication channels. Certificates are updated regularly to prevent security vulnerabilities.
  • Auditing capabilities to track user actions and system events for compliance and troubleshooting
  • Provide secure operational access to underlying customer resource instances to protect your customers data
  • Quota Management: manage underlying cloud providers quota limits for streamline operations
  • Backup of control plane metadata
  • Vulnerability scanning and your SaaS compliance

Omnistrate automates common day-2 operations for your SaaS out of the box allowing your team to focus on differentiated things.

Automated L1 support

Omnistrate automatically detects and recovers from common failures like machine failures or network partition or hung process to achieve 99.99 high availability SLA or more for your SaaS

For more details, please see this section.


Patching refers to the process of applying updates, fixes, or patches to the software and configurations including infrastructure upgrades. Please see this section for more details.