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Subscription Management

Omnistrate provides you with a powerful subscription management feature designed to simplify and automate the subscriptions for your service. It allows you to configure subscription behaviors, such as enabling auto-approvals, or fine grained control such as manual approval, suspending/removing, or re-enabling subscriptions. You can gain a comprehensive view of all subscriptions, including detailed information on instances and user roles, ensuring complete visibility into your SaaS offerings.

Here are some of the key use cases of Subscription Management

Subscription Approval - Auto/Manual:

Whether you want tight control during the initial or beta launch of your SaaS, reviewing each subscription request before approving, or you want to streamline and automate the subscription approval process after launch, Omnistrate supports both approaches. You can configure it to meet your specific needs, providing you with the flexibility to manage subscriptions effectively at any stage.

Review All Subscriptions:

Review all of your subscriptions in detail with Omnistrate. You can see detailed list of all of your subscriptions with information such as status, users, roles and instances etc. This enables you to easily manage the subscriptions as well troubleshoot any issues that arise. Whether you need to check the status of a subscription, identify which users have access to specific subscriptions, or review the details of each instance, Omnistrate ensures you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Subscription Suspension:

Subscriptions can be temporarily suspended in various situations, such as when billing issues arise or payments are pending. Suspending a subscription keeps it intact and customers can't create new instances, but their subscription details and any existing instances remain intact. This provides flexibility for customers who may have temporary budget constraints or seasonal needs, allowing them to easily resume their service later without losing any progress.

Reactivating Subscription:

Suspended subscriptions can be reactivated seamlessly, restoring full access to the service and allowing customers to pick up right where they left off. This ensures a smooth and uninterrupted experience for customers who are ready to resume their subscription, eliminating any inconvenience.

Terminating Subscription

You can terminate subscriptions when needed. Whether ending a service contract, responding to a customer cancellation request, enforcing policy compliance, or optimizing resource use, terminating subscriptions helps manage resources effectively.