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To accelerate your internal development cycle, Omnistrate supports CD and integrates with different CI systems.

To learn more about CI integration, please see this

For CD, Omnistrate natively supports the concept of environments. Environment refers to a specific and isolated computing infrastructure or configuration where various stages of the software development pipeline, including testing, staging, and production, are carried out.

Each environment serves a specific purpose in the software development lifecycle, allowing for controlled testing and validation of code changes before they are promoted to the next stage or, ultimately, to production. Omnistrate automates the whole process to deliver an efficient and reliable software delivery pipeline from promotions across environments, cloning environments, access control etc.

Here is a reference pipeline:

Reference pipeline

Development Environment:

This is where software developers work on new features or bug fixes. It typically mirrors the developer's local development environment and may include development databases, code repositories, and development tools.

Testing Environment:

The testing environment is used for quality assurance and automated testing. It is designed to mimic the production environment as closely as possible to identify potential issues before code is deployed to production.

Production Environment:

The production environment is where the live application or service is hosted and accessed by end-users. It is the final destination for code changes after they have been tested and approved in previous environments.

Sandbox Environment:

Developers may create temporary environments for working on specific features or bug fixes in isolation before merging their changes into the main development branch.

Access Control

You can choose to enable specific access controls to restrict who can enable promotions across environments.

Going live with your SaaS offering

You can mark any one of your environments to public, to make your SaaS available to your customers. Omnistrate provides SaaSBuilder - ready to use SaaS Application for your end customers. Once you have made an environment public and configured and deployed SaaSBuilder, your SaaS will be available on your custom domain for your customers to use. To configure custom domain, please refer to the following link


There can only be 1 public environment per service definition at any given time

API Reference

Here is an API reference to create or manage your environments, here. For Omnistrate RBAC to enforce access control, see this