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Understanding Omnistrate savings

Traditionally, building control planes has been quite costly. You have to assemble a team of experts and wait for years.

With Omnistrate, you NOT only have the time to market advantage, but also significantly better margins advantage over your competition.

Moreover, our pricing is purely usage based and designed to fit in any budget. For ex - if you are new and not ready to do minimum monthly commit, we have a $0 commit plan. On the other hand, if you are ready to choose minimum monthly commit, you can significantly lower your usage charges.

Things to note

  • Lazy Initialization and System Nodes: Omnistrate employs lazy initialization of the control plane to avoid redundant costs. Once initialized, a few system nodes continues to run. These system nodes can be teared down in all the regions by unlinking the account, and Omnistrate never charges for these system nodes. To unlink your account, delete the account config here.
  • Cost Optimization Features: Omnistrate helps save costs by offering visibility into resource usage and providing capabilities like auto-scaling and seamless scale-down to zero, ensuring efficient resource utilization.
  • Minimum monthly commit: If you are scaling past initial 5-10 customers, we recommend switching to monthly commit plan to significantly reduce your usage charges
  • Annual commit: You can save additional 25% by committing a specific amount upfront on the annual basis
  • Stopped Instances: Omnistrate does not charge for stopped instances, providing flexibility and cost-saving opportunities.

DIY cost

DIY cost includes 3 major components:

  • Infrastructure cost: Self-hosting your SaaS control-plane itself will take you 20% overhead of your data-plane infrastructure. For 200 tenants each with 1 shared core, 2GB, 128GB storage, ~20% networking will cost: $6430/month for data plane infrastructure cost + $1286/month for control plane infrastructure cost. This is already more than the total cost of ownership with Omnistrate, and we haven't even added the primary costs.
  • Operational cost: Building and operating your SaaS will cost millions of dollars per year to start with and will continue to grow over time
  • Opportunity cost: You will have to wait for years to build it yourself, delaying your cloud growth by that time period and instead focus on undifferentiated tech forever

Side-by-side savings comparison

Here is a graph comparing Omnistrate and DIY costs with the following assumptions:

  • Each tenant takes 1 shared core, 2GB, 128GB storage, ~20% networking overhead
  • Let's say for every 100 tenants, we will need 1 cloud engineer for cloud operations and 1-pizza team to set things up initially
  • The average salary of cloud engineer is estimated to be 250K USD including everything
  • Let's say control plane infra as 20% of the data plane infra
  • Costs below include the cloud infrastructure cost to run the application software

As you can see, Omnistrate is significantly cheaper to build and operate your SaaS over DIY. In addition, if we add opportunity cost, you will be able to market your SaaS in weeks as opposed to years.

DIY details

To build and operate your SaaS with DIY for 200 dedicated tenants will cost:

  • Build and operational cost: 250K * 24 / 12 + 250K * (200/100) / 12
  • Infrastructure cost (incl control plane infrastructure): $6430 * 1.2 (control plane infrastructure) per-month for data plane infrastructure cost, see here
  • Total charges: ~$550K /month

Omnistrate details

To build and operate your SaaS with Omnistrate for 200 dedicated tenants will cost:

  • Infrastructure cost: $6430 /month for data plane infrastructure cost, see here
  • Omnistrate charges: $1606 /month for starter plan including control plane infrastructure cost and operational cost, see here
  • Total charges: ~$8K /month i.e. 68x cheaper + opportunity cost

For your use-case, please use this calculator to better estimate Omnistrate charges.

Additional Resources

Pricing details can be found on our pricing page

You can also utilize our cost calculator to estimate your expenses.

For any pricing-related inquiries, refer to your billing page for usage or invoice details, or contact us at for further assistance.