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Omnistrate RBAC

Omnistrate RBAC allows your team members to assume some predefined roles.


Please note that Omnistrate RBAC for your internal teams is completely different from your customer-facing RBAC for your customers. Omnistrate platform automatically builds RBAC for your customers when you build your SaaS using Omnistrate.

Here are the roles and associated permissions for different operations:

Omnistrate RBAC


  • C: Create
  • R: Read/Describe
  • U: Update
  • D: Delete
  • L: List

As an example, you may want to grant Service Editor role to your development team building control plane on top of Omnistrate and Service Operator to your platform teams to operate your SaaS using Omnistrate.

Current limitations

For now, a given user can only be part of one organization. If a user is created without any invitation, it will have its own default organization.

If a user is invited to an existing organization, that user will be part of that organization. If you would like to join a different organization, you need to be removed from your current organization and re-invited by the new organization you wish to join. Please be aware that during this transition, your original Omnistrate account will be deactivated, and you will need to create a new account. In other words, by moving to a new organization, you will lose access to any services or data associated with your original organization. If this process does not align with your needs, please contact and we're here to help.